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Development Background :

The consolidated edition of SOLAS runs to over 500 pages.

Part 1 - The bulk of the book, up to page 493 - contains the actual Articles of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, and those of the Protocol of 1988 (this only to page 15) and the rest is the consolidated text of the annexes to the Convention and Protocol. Appendices give examples of certificates.

Part 2 - The last 20 pages - contains 3 items :

(i) Resolution A.883(21): Global and uniform implementation of the harmonized system of survey and certification (HSSC).

(ii) A very useful list of Certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships.

(iii) List of resolutions adopted by the SOLAS Conferences.

In order to understand the SOLAS Wizard, we shall concern ourselves with a look at the consolidated text of the Annex to the 1974 SOLAS Convention and the 1988 Protocol, which is divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter contains Regulations, and the numbering of these Regulations starts again with each chapter. Some chapters have more than one part, and in this case the Regulation numbers run on through the different parts.

These 12 Chapters are :

Chapter I - General Provisions
Chapter II-1 - Construction - Subdivision and stability, machinery and electrical installations
Chapter II-2 - Fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction
Chapter III - Life-saving appliances and arrangements
Chapter IV - Radio communications
Chapter V - Safety of navigation
Chapter VI - Carriage of Cargoes
Chapter VII - Carriage of dangerous goods
Chapter VIII - Nuclear ships
Chapter IX - Management for the Safe Operation of Ships
Chapter X - Safety measures for high-speed craft
Chapter XI-1 - Special measures to enhance maritime safety
Chapter XI-2 - Special measures to enhance maritime security
Chapter XII - Additional safety measures for bulk carriers

The above chapters consist plenty of definations, regulations and their numbers respectively, which are applicable to different types of ships as per their Gross Tonnage, Constructed On or After, Construced Before, Date Keel Laid, Lenght of the Ship & Navigation Areas etc. etc.

It is not sometimes but always quite difficult for DPAs and Surveyors to remember definations, chapter nos., parts, sections, regulations and their numbers respectively which are applicable to any particular ship espacially when they are dealing with different types of ships with different characteristics .

SOLAS Wizard is the database of SOLAS where the definations, chapter nos., parts, sections, regulations, their numbers and details etc. for all types of ships can be stored and these can be viewed/printed any time. The Query for fetching record is so developed that user can fetch applicable SOLAS details i.e. chapter nos., parts, sections, regulations, their numbers etc. just for any particular type of ship or can add multiple parameters to it.

If using SOLAS Wizard there is no need to remember any Defination, Chatper No., Part, Section, Regulation No., Regulation etc. user will get all of these at once just by running query.

SOLAS Wizard can be run on any Standalone Computer or on Office Network or on Internet.

We offer an ONLINE installation / support / training of this software.

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